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Trashy, originally uploaded by FleurPhotography.

Had a lot of fun this past week, lol.

Did a trash the dress shoot with Melanie, who is an amazing model.

You can see the rest by going to my flickr account:


Let me know what you think!

You all MUST watch this, it is hilarious and PASS IT ON.

If somebody told me I would be ringing in the New Year with a sick child and a three night four day stay in Children’s hospital I would of probably laughed at them.

On Sunday afternoon me, my husband, Siri, and my Mom were having brunch out at Bob Evans. Siri was acting up, per usual, when we go out to eat when she suddenly went very still and had a very blank look to her eyes. Her eyes suddenly rolled back into her head and her eyes closed and you could see them moving very rapidly behind her eyelids. Her head then lolled to the side. This lasted for about 15 seconds, but in Mommy time, it was seriously a lifetime. I was sitting across from her, so I told every to get out of the way. I got to her and picked her up and she went limp and I also noticed that she was shivering/slight shaking. She then snapped out of it and looked up at me and smiled. Then she started grabbing for the food that was just arriving. We all figured, okay if she has an appetite and she is hungry and is functioning normally we should all eat before we do anything. Carey and I were going to call her Pediatrician as soon as we got home. However, Carey was holding Siri and she did it again. It was then that we made the decision to take her to the ER as it confirmed that it wasn’t just a weird behavioral thing. Our first initial thoughts after it happened was that she was playing and was trying to get our attention, of course that turned out NOT to be the case. On the way to the ER she had two more episodes. One was when she was babbling to me and all happy and then her eyes rolled and her head lolled, then she snapped out of it and continued to babble like nothing had even happened.

We got to the ER and told them our suspicions of her having seizures. They got her weight and temp and then immediately took her back into a room. We basically got bumped to the head of the line, thank God. The Dr. came in and saw her and said he wanted to draw blood, get a urine sample, do a lumbar puncture, and a CT Scan. Siri did have one episode in front of the doctor. It was very short however, and this would be the only seizure she had in front of a doctor for the next five days. So of course, I was holding and rocking her and she fell asleep. They came in to take her blood and urine, but decided to wait as there was an opening for a CAT Scan. So she got her scan with no drama at all, slept all the way through it. However she was woken up shortly after that to have her blood drawn and to be cathed for a urine sample. Let me tell you this, it is a terrible thing to have to restraint your crying child while someone jabs them with a needle or has to cath them for a urine sample. Siri was NOT happy. It was very heartbreaking for a mother and father to see. So they gave her a few minutes to recover and then came back for the lumbar puncture. Who knew it would take 30 minutes to get this thing done? Siri is one strong baby, and let me tell you it took two nurses and myself to restrain her so they could do it. This was the saddest and most painful test that she had to go through. I thought the blood test was heart breaking, this right here just about killed me as a mother. Every instinct I had wanted me to grab my child and run, but instead I helped. Carey and I could not leave her during a time like this, so we stuck right next to her. I helped hold her and he helped comfort her during this time. During the middle of the test when they were finally drawing spinal fluid, my Mom walked in! The front desk sent her right in without even checking to see if it was okay or if she was in the middle of anything. Well this really pissed Siri off as we had just calmed her down a bit and got her to stop struggling so hard. They weren’t able to get any extra spinal fluid in case further tests were needed, but they got enough to test to see if there were any white blood cells in her spinal fluid, and they also tested her red blood cell count, protein, glucose level, and to see if there was anything viral or bacterial in her spinal fluid. Basically they were testing for meningitis. After they were done with the tests she clung to me and Carey so hard, I felt terrible. I had to hold her and rub her back where they had drawn the fluid to help it clot, so I did that. Siri then decided she had enough of this sitting around with all of us so I took her on a walk around the ER. She saw the Christmas tree and got all excited and was pointing to all the ornaments. The nurse let us take a ducky ornament home with us. Siri was just excited to have something to play with that was a duck!

All the tests came back fine so they released us, five hours after we got there. We were told if we saw any more or if she seemed to be getting worse to call the neurologist’s office on the discharge papers to see what we should do. As they wanted us to follow up with an MRI and EEG eventually.

We got home and Siri was happy to be home, she ate then went to bed. Around 9pm the restaurant across the street decided to start playing extremely loud music to the point where my windows were literally shaking. I called them and informed them that they were violating the noise ordinances and that I had a sick child over here who needs her rest and I would appreciate it if they turned it down. Of course they told me ‘We have a license to play music’. I fumed and told her I would be contacting the police. So I called the police, and wouldn’t you know it 5 minutes after I got off the phone the band took a break. So the police drove by and heard no music. Go figure. I went on my towns website and printed out the Zoning Ordinance and took it over to the restaurant and spoke with the lady and told her it was illegal for her to have any type of band that was NOT acoustic. Only acoustic music is permitted and it must NOT affect the surrounding neighbors. I told her, if she would turn the bass down we would be happy, as it was shaking my windows. She agreed and was actually pretty nice, I guess. So they turned it down and my windows stopped vibrating. I was happy. I will still be taking it up with our town council however.

The next morning, Siri woke up happy and hungry. So she ate and was playing and she started having more seizures. This time her balance and coordination were affected and both Carey and I got scared. She was falling over acting very confused and couldn’t right herself up after she fell. It was very scary to watch. We then decided to call the neurologists number that we were supposedly given. I check the paper and all it gave was name. I checked the internet, called both Calvert Memorial where she was the day previous, and Anne Arundel looking for this Dr. He didn’t exist. I guess it was a typo on the paper. So I called the ER at Calvert and asked to speak to the doctor that Siri had seen. The bitch on the phone would NOT get him for me, told me it wasn’t her job. Um, I guess someone was a bit hung over from the previous night. So I told her she had better put me through to the operator. So I talked to the operator, and she told me to call my Pediatrician and see what they wanted us to do. Which I was going to do anyways, but I just wanted that damn neurologists phone number.

I called the on call line for my Pediatrician and they literally called me back within 20 seconds. I love my Pediatricians office and refused to find another, even though they are 40 minutes away and people like to tell me that I should just switch and get a closer one. Um how about, it isn’t their decision. Carey and I are the PARENTS, we make those decisions. So the Pediatrician talked to me for a while and she told me she was going to call the neurology floor at Children’s in Washington D.C. and that we should possibly prepare for an overnight stay. So I ate, packed and waited for a phone call back. They call back and said they wanted to admit Siri and to prepare for a one maybe two night stay in the hospital, but probably only one night. So we got directions and went. Siri had a few more episodes on the way there and also in the ER waiting room. Luckily we didn’t have to wait long as we were bumped to the head of the line, again. The ER waiting room was PACKED (and it is a huge, HUGE room with tons of seats). There were literally no open seats and we sat at the place where they usually sit you to take your information.

So we go back to triage and they take her vitals and we get taken back into a room. The Dr. comes in to see her and says they want to put a hep lock in (just an IV so if they need it, it’s there) and they need to draw some blood and get a urine sample. We also explain everything that has been happening and told him the neurologists wanted her admitted. He said alright and he called the neurologists so all we had to do was wait in the room to get admitted to the neurology department upstairs. However within the span of 20-30 minutes Siri had 10 seizures, yes 10!! She often has them in clusters. I kept asking for a doctor and they were so overwhelmed with critical patients that he never came back in, ugh. So on January 1st, she had well over 20 seizures. Poor thing.

The nurse finally comes in and tells us we are going upstairs, thank God. So we get upstairs and get comfortable in the room, well as comfortable as you can get. And the Dr. comes in and asks all kinds of questions and examines her, and Siri was flirting with him! Oh yeah, she had a crush on Dr. Justin Burton. (He was pretty hot). So after he leaves, we got Siri a tray of food, fed her, and then put Siri to bed and we went to bed as well. Well first we ordered food (delivery) that NEVER arrived. How lame is that, but at that point we were so tired all we could do was sleep.

The next day was Tuesday, and we were scheduled for an EEG that day. I was also on a quest per doctors orders to find out any and all family history if anyone in my family had ever had a seizure. She had seven seizures this day, some which involved her falling/collapsing and also had an EEG done. She screamed as much with the EEG (getting all the electrodes on) as she did with the lumbar puncture. She was terrified and she was restrained, it was also very heartbreaking to see. Of course the EEG comes back normal (go figure) they had her sleep through it. Which was confusing as she never had them while sleeping, only when awake (or so we can see) and it only lasted 30 minutes. After we got the results back and they decided they wanted to do an EKG the next day to make sure there was nothing wrong with her heart that was causing her to fall a lot. She had a lot of fun this day, with playing in the playroom and stuff. We tried to let her have as much fun as possible, as she totally freaked out during any type of exam. She would actually cringe when she saw someone she didn’t know thinking that they were going to hurt her. Also, this was the day that Allison, my friend came all the way up to drop of Siri’s CT Scan films for us and some much needed Kleenex and Advil for Carey. The reexamined her CT Scan and announced it normal as well. The Dr. didn’t trust the other hospital.

She went NPO (Nothing by Mouth) on Tuesday night so they hooked her up to some fluids in her IV. They did this just incase a spot for an MRI opened up, of course it didn’t and by Noon on Wednesday we were told and she was no longer NPO, so she got to eat. She also, only had two small seizures on Wednesday as well. One in the morning and one around 1p.m. This was also the day she got her EKG, which thankfully came back normal as well. She was also going to start her video EEG this day. I also got scolded by a nurse because I waited so long to feed Siri, uh ok…she just was just able to eat around noon that day, duh!! So of course, her entire schedule was off!! I called Sarah and asked her to bring some stuff for us, as we were dying and without Kleenex again, our noses were so runny and icky. Sarah came and brought us food! Yay! Frozen mac n cheese was perfect, as one of use couldn’t leave or go far because of the video EEG. She brought Siri tons of snacks, who was so excited!! And a Clifford balloon, Siri really loved the balloon and it helped calm her during the video EEG. She also brought us some yummy fruit, Siri ate an entire thing of blueberries and would not share with us! But we let her, as she refused dinner while on the video EEG and we were happy she was eating. After Sarah left, they hooked up the EEG around 4:30 p.m. I think. Of course as soon as Siri saw the EEG guy she started screaming bloody murder as she knew what was going to happen. They get it all hooked up and man was she pissed for a while! So Carey and I just held her for a while until she decided she wanted to play. So I spread a blanket down on the floor and went and got tons of toys from the playroom. We all played and she was pissed because she kept running for the door and was dragging the little box that the electrodes plugged into. She did okay though, it was tiring but not as terrible as I thought it was going to be, she adapted okay to having that thing on her head. She tore at her head a few times trying to get the gauze off, but I think it was because her head was itchy. We also had to deprive her of sleep in hopes that it would trigger her to have a seizure, of course it didn’t so when bedtime did eventually come, she was inconsolable. After 45 minutes of trying to get her to go to sleep, with the lights on as the camera was rolling she finally fell to sleep. I literally raised my hands up to the sky and thanked God as I was exhausted. So I went and made Carey and I some Mac N Cheese and we ate and then went to bed. Well I didn’t Siri had too many wires and stuff in her crib for me to fell safe, even though she was hooked up to a pulse ox, which measured her saturation of oxygen and heartbeat and would beep if she stopped breathing, I was still afraid she was going to be strangled in her EEG cords. So of course my Super Mommy Instincts would not let me sleep. So I slept terribly that night.

She went no solids/clear liquid diet at 4am Thursday morning in preparation for her MRI. At 6:00 a.m. her blooded needed to be drawn and I was pissed because they were waking her up. The lady was so quick however, that I was impressed!! She had it done within a few minutes, however it made Siri wake up for the day as I couldn’t get her back to bed. At 10:00 a.m. she went NPO because she an appointment at 2:00 p.m. for her MRI. Let me tell you, my little girl was so dehydrated! I called at 10:00 a.m. for her to be hooked up to her IV fluids and they came to flush her IV to make sure it hadn’t migrated and it did!! So she needed a new one!! I felt terrible! The IV lady finally came up at around noonish, after me paging the nurse like 3 times and telling her my daughter was DEHYDRATED and hadn’t peed since 8 p.m. the previous day!! It literally took them tons of pokes in both arms and hands and 35 minutes or more to get her IV in because she was so dehydrated, ugh. They finally got it in and I once again thanked God because she was so pissed. She used up so much of her energy she fell asleep. This was also the day that Winter, Jen, and Sarah from PunkyMoms.com sent us some beautiful flowers that really cheered Siri up! This was the day that Siri only had one seizure, I believe. Of course at 1:00 p.m. they came in to take her electrodes off, but luckily!! She slept through it. I was happy because she freaked out at the removal of the EEG last time as well. I was also able to wash her hair while she slept, but I couldn’t get all of the wax out because I didn’t have a fine tooth comb with me. At 1:45 they took us down because Siri was going to be getting her MRI done. We met with the anesthesiologist and discussed what type of anesthesia they would be using. We went back into the room and the injected this stuff into her arm and man, this was the saddest thing of all because she was struggling against Carey and they injected this stuff into her and her eyes closed, opened, and then closed again but she still struggled against him for a few minutes until she went limp. I almost cried, it took all I could to hold back tears. To take our mind off of everything Carey and I went to library and got on the internet for a few minutes then we went and ate lunch and grabbed some salads for later that day. We then went back to the waiting room and the nurse came and got us and took us back. Siri slept for around 30 minutes until it was time to wake her up. She woke up happy and thirsty! She drank a 4 oz of juice and was playing in her crib and hugging and giving us kisses and her bear kisses as well. She was also playing with the oxygen mask they left in her crib and she put it over her mouth, like they did when she was going under so she must of remembered that. We then got transported back to our room and Siri was STARVING. She ate a ton!! The Drs looked over the initial results of the MRI and said they were normal and she suffered no brain damage from the seizures. They also said they needed to go over it more in depth also the they needed to go over the results of the video EEG more in depth but everything initially looked ok. It was then that they told us that we had the option to go home that night as they were starting her on Topamax or we could stay the night one more day. Of course I wanted to go home! Carey came back from making phone calls and asked me what I was doing and I was like PACKING!! We all were excited to go home. Her diagnosis was new onset seizures, and we were told that she did in fact have epilepsy. And that they were Complex Partial Seizures. And to watch her and monitor her closely and to look for side effects from her Topamax. We were also shown a video on different types of seizures, and they showed a little boy that did EXACTLY to a T what Siri did and it just confirmed our suspicions. At this point we were thinking maybe we were crazy that the Drs hadn’t seen any yet. The Dr then told us that most neurologists never see their patients have seizures as they don’t spend a lot of time with them.

Siri also made friends with her roommate while there, they were around the same age and had a ton of fun playing with each other. They were very cute together. She slept great Thursday night in her own bed! She slept until 8:50 a.m. on Friday morning! Sort of scared me as I woke up with a start and ran to check on her, she was fine.

So Friday she had three more seizures at home. I also had to track down a place that had Siri’s prescription. I called the pharmacy they had faxed the prescription to around noon and they told me they didn’t have the drug we needed. Well THANK GOD I called them and didn’t go in only to find out that they didn’t have it. Why wouldn’t they call me if they didn’t have it? So finally they tracked a CVS down that did have it and told me they had faxed the prescription over there. So we drove over 30 miles away to get her prescription filled and brought Carey’s along with us. As he had a Drs appointment that day because he had fluid in his ear and his tonsils were swollen. We get there and I double checked to make sure that they had Siri’s prescription and of course THEY DIDN’T. The one CVS never faxed it over. So they got in contact with that CVS and they had to have them fax it over, but started filling it before they had prescription in case it took them a while to get the fax. I told them we would be back in an hour so we went to Walmart and picked up a few things, as I needed applesauce for Siri to take her medicine and to get her pictures we took onto disk. We got home, all ate and Siri went to bed! I tried doing some homework and found out the internet was being all slow, so I gave up and will try again later when Sarah comes over.
So today is Saturday, and Siri has had one seizure so far this morning. This one involved her head shaking back in forth her eyes rolling up into her head and then she collapsed. When she came out of it she as very upset, disoriented and tired. So I held her and rocked her to sleep and put her to bed, poor baby.

We also realize now that these have been going on a while. What we thought before were weird behavioral quirks were actually seizures. Sometimes she shakes her head back and forth like saying No for almost a minute or even more. We thought she was being silly, but the Dr.’s told us she was probably having a seizure. Also, she throws her head back repeatedly into whatever, sometimes back on to the floor for 30-45 seconds at a time. This too, was her having a seizure. We never knew until she started having the eye rolling and falling incidents. We hope once her Topamax goes up one more dose and her body gets used to it the seizures will stop. But I will take 4 seizures a day over 20 any day!!

Some photography I have done, along with some photo editing of my OWN photos. :) 

I know they are pretty, Siri loves butterflies. These will probably go in her room.

For some reason, the cut isn't working. That just pisses me the eff off.

Guess what?  We are expecting another baby come March.  I am almost nine weeks along.  The kiddos will only be 18 months apart, oh my.  So yeah, I though I had my hands full now.... HAHA.


Dear Diary, Every morning I  take a nice long shower trying to wake up.  I even bought Zest, supposedly you are to sniff it in the bath and wake up.   It doesn't work like that.  I just sneeze a lot.  So, I wrote a letter to the company. Siri is awake and going crazy right now.  Gotta love that babe.  Lately she has been having like 3-4 bowel movements a day.  How crappy is that?  I miss the ONE that she would have a day.  Argh.  Oh well. I start my new job today!!   I am making a lot more there than my previous job.  I start back at college on Monday too.  So full time job and full time school and taking care of Siri = BUSY. 

 Love, Maggie

P.S.  Am I the only mother out there that puts sun block on her baby and makes her baby wear hats and sunglasses outside?  I swear, a lot of people I know DO NOT put sun block on their kids.  It drives me crazy, and I even OFFER to give them sunblock and they don't take it.  As far as the sunglasses goes, it is just as important to protect the eyes as it is the skin.

Yeah you got it, she is 8 1/2 months and walking!!



Some uncoolness. She bit my nipple the other day when nursing. That fucking sucked :(

Well Siri just turned 8 months yesterday. Let me tell you, she is quite a handful. The little babe decided she would start crawling and cruising the furniture at 5 months old and has been crazy since then. Today she has learned how to open the DVD player and take the DVD out so she can eat it. Isn't she precious? Haha. She already knows how to turn on and off the t.v. And a electric socket you say? She is so attracted to them she pulls out the safety things we put IN the plugs. Nuts I say!! She should be walking by the end of this month. She can stand all by herself, unassisted for about a minute. That is, until she decided to take a step and falls, haha. She also has a wierd obsession with mushrooms, they are her FAVORITE food.

Oh yeah the other day Carey was making her bottle and put her on the kitchen floor. She crawling into the dining room and Carey decided she was being too quiet, so he goes looking for her and she is in the bathroom playing IN the toilet with the toilet water, disgusting. Daddy got told to KEEP THAT DOOR closed, baby could of drowned. But still, gross. She was having a blast too.

Here are some pics for your viewing pleasure.

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Here are the rest!<a href=Collapse )

Siri is growing up too fast, lol. She is three months and is already reaching out and grabbing EVERYTHING. Especially my food. Of course it goes directly into her mouth. She can sit up for a few moments unassisted, and she LIVES in her exersaucer because she has loved to stand since she was born. She never really had that sleepy newbowrn stage. She came out ALERT and only cried for a few seconds. I think it was because she was so late, lol. She fits into 6-9 month onsies because her torso is so long. She is almost 26 inches in legnth. She has grown 4.5 inches in 3 months, crazy.

Here she is!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I made that entire outfit, including shoes!!

Hiked down to the Potomic River this weekend to take some pics and hunt for shark teeth. Found one shark tooth. There are a lot of ship wrecks off of where we were at, I wish I could of seen them. Some guy found part of a ship on the coast of the river, it was pretty cool. Not worth anything, but it looked neat.

I have tons of pics for you all. Yeah, no cut. Someone tell me how to do a frickin cut please.

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Lil baby shell.

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What a cutie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

"Stay away from my monkey, or I'll cut you!"

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